12 Days Uttrakhand Chardham Yatra

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11 Night / 12 Days.
Destinations:  Haridwar-Rushikash-Munsoori-Yamnotri-Gangotri-Rudar-Pratag-Kedarnth-Badrinath  

Day 1: Pickup from Delhi-Haridwar same day haridwar over night stay in [haridwar]
Day 2: Haridwar- Munsoori- Syanachatti,over night in [syana chtty]
Day 3: Sayna chtty- yamnotri- syanachtty. over night in [syana shtty]
Day 4: Sayna Chtty- uttar kashi over night in [uttar kashi]
Day 5: Uttar Kashi- gangotri-uttar kashi over night stay in [uttar kashi]
Day 6: Uttar Kashi- gupta kashi over nigh in [gupta kashi]
Day 7: Gupta Kashi- kedarnath over night in [kedarnath]
Day 8: Kedarnath- gupta kashi over night in [gupta kashi]
Day 9: Gupta kashi- badrinath over night in [badrinath]
Day 10: Badrinath- sreenager over night in [sreenager]
Day 11: Sreenager- rusikash-haridwar over night in [haridwar]
Day 12: Haridwar to drop haridwar-delhi drop.


[1] Delhi to Haridwar drop Haridwar 12 transport 11 days room 1 room 3 person sharing in a room.
[2] We will provide you 27  2x2 push back seater bus and 35 seats bus, light vehicle also available on hire.
[3] Delhi to Delhi transport 14 days

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